Unified Post Processor (UPP) | Requesting Help

About UPP help

New Support System:  UPP is currently transitioning from using the upp-help@ucar.edu email system for user questions to web-based user forums for interacting with users and answering questions.  Beginning October 1, 2020, users sending email questions to upp-help@ucar.edu will be directed to post their questions on the proper user forum.  There are currently two forums users may wish to post questions depending on the topic: 1) The UPP section of the WRF Users Forum, and 2) The UPP section of the UFS Users Forum.  As the names suggest, UPP questions related to processing WRF data should be posted to the WRF Forum.  Other general UPP questions and those related to UFS applications should be posted to the UFS Forum.  UPP staff will be monitoring the forums and addressing questions through these platforms.

UFS Forum:


WRF Forum:


How to report a problem

If you would like to report a problem or request assistance, please direct your question to the appropriate forum, making use of the subject line to indicate the issue. If you have received an error message in attempting to compile and run the system software, please include it in the email.

For compilation problems, return the code to the original state (e.g. by typing clean -a, or begin with a new tar file), recompile, and save the compilation output to a file, and send it in the email. If you have made modification to the code, always test the provided code first.

For run-time problems, locate the error messages, and include them in the email. In addition, including your full error logs and the run script and script output, as well as configure details, is helpful.

You may also want to check the FAQs and Known Problems for the version you are using to see if your problem has been previously reported.