MET Version 9.1 BETA1

Release Date:

The MET Version 9.1 BETA1 was released on April 29, 2020.

Release Notes

Release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix:


Enhancements to Existing Tools:

  • Initial version of Sphinx documentation (#1217).
  • Add the complement of RPS to the existing RPS line type (#1280).
  • Remove MET_BASE references from Rscripts (#1289).
  • Enhance Point2Grid to enable Gaussian filtering for GOES16/17 data (#1291).
  • Enhance Gen-Vx-Mask with python embedding and named input grids (#1292).
  • Enhance the regrid dictionary with data censoring and conversion (#1293).

Known Issues and Fixes

The "-sum" command assumes the same initialization time. Use the "-add" option instead.

${MET_BUILD_BASE}/bin/pcp_combine -add \ 'name="APCP_12"; level="(*,*)";' \ 

WRFPRS_d01_1997-06-04_00_APCP_A12.grb 12 \

For the first file, list the file name followed by a config string describing the field to use from the NetCDF file. For the second file, list the file name followed by the accumulation interval to use (12 for 12 hours).

Here is a small excerpt from the pcp_combine usage statement: 

Note: For “-add” and "-subtract”, the accumulation intervals may be substituted with config file strings. For that first file, we replaced the accumulation interval with a Config file string.

Here are 3 commands you could use to plot these data files:

${MET_BUILD_BASE}/bin/plot_data_plane \ 'name="APCP_12"; level="(*,*)";' 

${MET_BUILD_BASE}/bin/plot_data_plane WRFPRS_d01_1997-06-04_00_APCP_A12.grb \ 'name="APCP" level="A12";' 

${MET_BUILD_BASE}/bin/plot_data_plane 'name="APCP_24"; level="(*,*)";'