HWRF System components - V3.9a

Release Date:

The HWRF System components - V3.9a was released on October 5, 2017.

Release Notes

Please note that only the source code provided from the above links will work with the HWRF system.

For information on setting up, building, and running the HWRF system, see the HWRF Users' Guide and tutorial slides in the Documentation section of this site.

Check the release notes and known issues file for the most current information on a particular release.

HWRF System Upgrades in v3.9a

  • Compatible with the 2017 operational HWRF.
  • WRF upgraded to v3.9.1 and GSI to v3.6.
  • D02 and D03 domain size decreased to ~ 24x24 degrees and ~ 7x7 degrees respectively.
  • Number of vertical levels increased to 75 with a model top of 10 hPa for the AL, EP, and CP basins and to 61 with a model top of 10 hPa for the WP basin and NIO.
  • Miscellaneous upgrades and bug fixes in various physical parameterizations.
    • Updated Scale Aware Simplified Arakawa Shubert scheme for cumulus parameterization.
    • Updated GFS Hybrid-Eddy Diffusivity Mass Flux PBL scheme.
    • Updated Ferrier-Aligo microphysics scheme.
    • Updated momentum and enthalpy exchange coefficients (Cd/Ch) in surface layer parameterization.
    • Updated partial cloudiness scheme for RRTMG.
  • Ocean upgrades
    • Reduced coupling time step from 9 min to 6 min for ocean coupling
    • Increased vortex tracking frequency.
    • Number of vertical levels in MPIPOM-TC increased from 24 to 41.
  • Initialization upgrades
    • Use of a new composite storm vortex for improved vortex initialization
    • Assimilating new data sets with GSI (hourly Atmospheric Motion Vectors /AMV/, clear-water-vapor AMV's)
  • New version of GFDL vortex tracker

Known Issues and Fixes

This example starts with a 0.5 degree GFS and completes the following steps:

  1. Use the regrid_data_plane tool to regrid 2m temperature to a smaller domain centered on China: 
    ${MET_BUILD_BASE}/bin/regrid_data_plane \ 
    gfs_2012040900_F012.grib \ 
    'latlon 160 80 15.0 60.0 0.5 0.5' \ 
    china_tmp_2m.nc \ 
    -field 'name="TMP"; level="Z2";'
  2. Run plot_data_plane to plot with the default map background: 
    china_tmp_2m.nc china_tmp_2m.ps \ 
    'name="TMP_Z2"; level="(*,*)";'
  3. Re-run but pointing only to the admin_China_data: 
    china_tmp_2m.nc china_tmp_2m_admin.ps \ 
    'name="TMP_Z2"; level="(*,*)"; 
    map_data = { source = [ 
    { file_name = 
An arbitrary number of map_data "file_name" entries can be listed. However, using "country_data" doesn't look very good with the "admin_China_data".
To apply this to any MET tool runs, just cut-and-paste the "map_data" section listed above into the appropriate config file. That will overwrite the default settings it reads from the ConfigMapData file. Alternatively, update the default map data files in that ConfigMapData file.