Community GSI Version 3.5 and EnKF Version 1.1

Release Date:

The Community GSI Version 3.5 and EnKF Version 1.1 was released on July 31, 2015.

Release Notes

Community GSI Version 3.5 and EnKF Version 1.1 

The community GSI Version 3.5 and EnKF Version 1.1 was released on August 3, 2016. 

NOTE: This tarball includes the GSI and EnKF code, libraries, fixed files, run script, and utilities. It does not include CRTM cofficients. The CRTM cofficients are available as a separate download. Both tarballs are necessary to run GSI and EnKF.

To reduce the size of release GSI tar file, the following fix files are released separately from the GSI tar file:

GSI code

  • This version GSI code is based on revision r1645 of the GSI community trunk (r77307 of the EMC trunk) from June 10th of 2016. 

    The community GSI code, in addition to the features/tools from previous releases, contains more community-friendly features such as:

    • Added support for WRF Chem analysis, including sample run script and GSI namelist 
    • Updated and more sample run scripts for regional and global applications, and with the capability to be used as observation operators for regional and global EnKF applications (under ./run) 
    • Scripts to generate namelists for regional and global GSI/EnKF applications (under ./run) 


The comGSI V3.5 has been successfully tested with the following compiler versions

For PGI compiler

  • PGI pgf90 versions: V12.5, V13.3, V13.9, V14.3, V14.7, V14.9, V14.10, V15.1, V15.7, V15.10, V16.1

For Intel compiler

  • Intel ifort versions:V12.1.0, V12.1.4, V12.1.5, V13.0.1, V13.1.1, V13.1.2, V14.0.1, V14.0.2, V14.0.3, V15.0.0, V15.0.1, V15.0.3, V15.1.133, V15.3.187, V15.6.233, V16.0.0, V16.0.1, V16.0.2, V16.1.150

For GNU compiler

  • Gfortran versions: V5.3.0, V6.1.0

Known Issues and Fixes

No known issues at this point.