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If significant help was provided via the helpdesk for work resulting in a publication, please acknowledge the Developmental Testbed Center Hurricane Team.

How to Report a Problem?

Questions regarding the GFDL Vortex Tracker should be directed to the email alias.

If you have a question regarding GFDL, please first check the documentation and the list of known issues.

If you would like to report a technical issue, please send an email to with the following details:
Country of citizenship:
Code: HWRF, GFDL Tracker
Issue: Compilation, Runtime, others
Component of the code: WRF, WPS, UPP, GSI, POM, hwrf-utilities, Tracker, Coupler, scripts, HPC, others
Configuration: Operational, others
Please include any error messages or other relevant information in your email.

For compilation problems, 1) return the code to its original state by conducting a full clean (clean -a) from the top level of the code directory. 2) Run the ./configure and ./compile >& build.log sequence, saving the compilation output to a log file. 3) Save the output of an env > env.log to a log file. Send both log files, along with your email to

For run-time problems, locate the error messages, and include them in the email. Please include the run script used in the email.