Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) | EMC Training

Welcome to the CCPP EMC Training Practical Session!

NOTE:  these instructions work only on the NOAA HPC Theia. These instructions were valid/used in March, 2019 for a code tag.  Changes in the HPC system mean that these instructions no longer work exactly as stated.  Moreover, changes in the master source code mean that these instructions will not work with top-of-master.
Known updates (6/1/2019):
  • Batch scheduler on theia switched to Slurm
  • Compiler/version modules on cheyenne need to be updated
  • New model input parameter required (with later code versions) - add to model_configure: output_1st_tstep_rst:    .false.

Throughout this tutorial, the following conventions are used:

Bold font is used for directory and filenames, and occasionally to simply indicate emphasis.

Bold and italic font is used to indicate text to be typed on the command line.

Page navigation can be controlled using the previous/next/up buttons at the bottom of each page, or the menu on the right-hand-side.

These instructions are divided into several parts, demonstrating various facets of the CCPP.

These sections will focus on the the basics of getting the code, compiling it, and running a couple of small cases.

  • Get the code
  • Compile the code
  • Run a C96 test case
  • Run an alternate physics suite
  • Compile using a different build option

These sections will focus on making changes to a physics parameterization, including adding a "scheme" and adding output variables.

  • Prepare for the GitHub Workflow
  • Preparing to Calculate the Modified Red Flag Threat Index
  • Calculate the Index and Add it to the Output
  • Scientific Documentation
  • Add the Scheme to CCPP
  • Run the Model
  • Contribute your Changes to GitHub