Bundle CCPP-SCM Version 2.0

Release Date:

The Bundle CCPP-SCM Version 2.0 was released on August 29, 2018.

Release Notes

Public release of the Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) v2.0

This is the public release of the Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) v2.0, containing a a library of physical parameterizations (CCPP-Physics), and the framework that connects it to host models (CCPP-Framework). In this release, the CCPP has been bundled with the GMTB Single Column Model (SCM) v2.1, and contains updated physical parameterizations of the GFS suite plus the GFDL microphysics scheme.

The v2.0 release code may be obtained from this Release Repository on GitHub. Users can clone the repository or download a release tar-file.


  • From the github.com page above, navigate to the "releases" tab, and select the tarfile to download
  • mv gmtb-scm-release-2.0 gmtb-scm

To obtain previous releases, simply select a different release number.

For questions or comments about the CCPP, the SCM, and other Global Model Test Bed activities, please contact us at GMTB Help.

Known Issues and Fixes

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